Wednesday, October 27, 2010


PEOPLE WHO DID NOT POST YET, YOU STILL HAVE TO POST YOUR WORDS I DO NOT CARE HOW LATE. ALso Bring a copy of the definitions to school with you tomorrow.

I tried to find the remaining words on coursenotes but i could only find two of the four. But remember once you get on replace my definitions with yours.

Fugitive Slave Law
a law passed just before the Civil War also called the "Bloodhound Bill", slaves who escaped could not testify in their behalf and were not allowed a trial by jury. If the judge in the case freed the slave they would receive five dollars, if not they would get ten dollars. Those found helping slaves would be fined or jailed. This added to the rage in the North.

John C. Calhoun
a sixty-eight year old South Carolina senator who died in 1850 of tuberculosis. The tension between the North and South had not began to build and become unbearable. An associate delivered a speech that he wrote which declared slavery okay. He proposed to leave slavery as it was and restore the slavocracy by returning the runaway slaves to their owners. He wanted to preserve the Union and he believed in the Constitution.

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