Sunday, October 3, 2010

Martin van Buren

He was unenthusiastically supported by the Jacksonites for the election of 1836.  Jackson endorsed him because he was a "yes man" and hoped to influence him in his decisions as president.  He became the 8th president and the first born in America.  He was unpopular with the people because he was mild-mannered (unlike his predecessor) & did not live up to the standards set by Jackson's presidency.  He inherited Jackson's problems and enemies.  His term was trouble filled and made it impossible for him to be re-elected.  Some of the problems he faced were a rebellion in Canada coupled with ugly incidents along the northern border were threatening to start a war with Britain, antislavery crusaders were protesting, the complications of annexing Texas, and the Panic of 1837 coupled with nationwide depression.  In trying to help the economy, he created the never-popular "Divorce Bill", which passed in 1840.  It put the national funds in a separate treasury, crippling the credit available to banks.

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