Monday, September 27, 2010


I posted M.S.' words
I started on A.B. but i could not find Tallmadge Amendment on the wesite  So we are MISSING TALLMADGE AMENDMENT
M.B. is gonna post later, hopefully by eight, otherwise i am just gonna put up his words.
If you guys get to the website and i already posted, still post your Deffinition.

Hartford Convention
In 1814 a regional secret convention was held in Hartford, Connecticut due to the Federalist discontent because of the lessened voting weight of New England in Congress and Electoral College due to adding states to the Union and also they were not happy with the War of 1812. They were meeting to discuss their minority status in the Union and some Federalist even suggested secession. These Federalists were seen as traitors by the public. Led to the downfall of their party. they met to secure assistance from Washington, due to the blockading British squadrons on the shores of New England.

John Marshall
Chief Justice(1801-1835); represented the Federalist belief for a strong central government; turned the Judicial branch from weak to strong while popularizing Judicial Review; set the standard for future Chief Justices.

McCulloch v.Maryland
Trial during chief Justice John Marshalls reign; involving the state of Maryland& their right to tax the federal bank--sets precedent for the "loose clause"--increased power of Fed, government.

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