Monday, September 20, 2010

Chapter 11 Vocab

Please ask me A.S. for which vocab words you have so we do not all do the same ones.

Below are your initials and which vocab word you have. DO a GOOD JOB.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok as soon as you find your word, post the definition here. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Unless your word is in the last day's reading you need to post your definition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S.D. you have Thomas Jefferson, Zebulon Pike, James Madison
A.S. you have Lousiana Purchase Treaty, Judiciary Act of 1801, War Hawks
M.B. you have Judicial Review, James Monroe
J.A. you have John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison
J.C. you have Henry claw, impressment
M.S. you have Non- Intercourse Act, Embargo Act
D.B. you have Lewis and Clark, Aaron Burr
E.C. you have Tecumesh, patronage
A.B. you have Macon's Bill No. 2, Chesapeake incident

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