Monday, September 27, 2010

James Monroe

Was first elected president in 1816 & because of his popularity was re-elected in 1820, despite the controversy of the Missouri Compromise and the panic of 1819.  Was president in what came to be known as the Era of Good Feelings, despite the many troubling issues within it.  While he president, there was a renewed sense of nationalism.  His most important act as president was the Monroe Doctrine, which he declared after he was persuaded by John Q. Adams not to side with Britain.  This doctrine promoted isolationism.
*Just remember that he was president when many of the things in the chapter occured (ie. panic of 1819, Missouri Compromise)
Can be related to John Q. Adams, Era of Good Feelings, Missouri Compromise, Tariff of 1816, nationalism, Monroe Doctrine, panic of 1819

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