Monday, September 27, 2010

Era of Good Feeling

Era of Good Feeling was a phrase used to describe the administration of President Monroe. This phrase was misleading because although there was considerable tranquility and prosperity (Jeffersonians ruled, no real competition; politically speaking), the time was troubled and worry some. Issues that were occurring during the "Era of Good Feeling" were that: 1.) Sectionalism was crystallizing (growing). 2.) Disputes over the owning of slaves  3.) Issues with tariffs  4.) issues with the banks [Bank of the United Stated and (wild cat banks?) (western banks)]  5.)Internal improvement debates  6.) Disputes over sale of land.

All these issues caused the Panic of 1819 which can be used to oddly describe the "Era of Good Feeling", ran by President Monroe.

-E.C.  :)

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